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SHR+Ndyag Qswitch Laser+Radiofrequency (BESTVIEW-BW189)


1.Bonding crystal bar, higher energy output

2.Significant performance without side effects

3.Stable, reliable and powerful laser output

4.Module design, easier to check, upgrade and maintenance

5.More comfortable, more cost-saving


1.Principle of SHR+Ndyag+RF:

    Hottest selling multifunctional beauty machine. It combines the function of IPL SHR , RF/Elight, and Nd Yag Laser.

You can get so many treatment results with only one machine.

2.Working System:

●SHR:Adopts the most advanced OPT (optimal pulse technology) system for fast hair removal. SHR is the shortened form 

of Super Hair Removal, which implies its main application, removing the hair on legs, arms, backs, underarms, abdomen, etc. 

However, the ability of this machine is not limited to just one point because vascular therapy, acne eliminating and wrinkle 

removing is also what it’s capable of.

●Laser:With the full name of Q-switch Nd Yag laser, this equipment can handle almost any skin problems about coloring matter, 

such as tattoo, nevus, birthmark, speckle, onychomycosis and red blood.

●RF:Not only can RF beauty apparatus tender the skin on face, but also it’s able to function on the whole body. Thus, to deal 

with any problems of wrinkles, crows feet, stretch marks as well as loose skin, this machine will definitely an ideal choice for you.

●Elight (IPL&RF)

For depilation, skin rejuvenation, acne removal, wrinkle removal, pigment treatment, vascular treatment, etc ...

Note: According to your demand, same chassis, SHR IPL, Nd yag laser, RF, Elight, you can choose 3 to synthesize one machine.



1.Save space: This one can save much space compared to three separated machines.

2.Multiplefunction: With the help of this equipment, you can solve multiple skin problems.

3.The intelligent Water temperature Alarm System. Special technique, automatic energy adjustable system.

4.Set language and parameters: Before delivery,the language and parameters in screen,  all are set well.

5.Voltage: According to different electrical conditions in different countries, our engineer will set the voltage as 110V 

   or 220V accordingly.


1 SHR IPL/ I RF/ 1Nd yag Laser/ Elight

(4 election 3)


220V/110V, 10A, 50HZ


SHR : 480nm/530nm/590nm/640nm/690nm

Nd yag laser:1064nm/532nm


AC 110V/220V, 50/60Hz

Cooling system

Water + wind + semiconductor

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Meet with us in Hong Kong,2017 COSMOPROF ASIA
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